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NOTE: This is a stock unaltered car division. If you want to modify the car - move to another division. All drivers twelve to seventeen years of age must have a NOTARIZED minor release form, signed by both parents or legal guardians on file at the track.


For this class to remain affordable and competitive we have a claim rule.
1. Claim will be eligible starting the 2nd points night.
2. Only the winner can be claimed.
3. Only drivers finishing on the lead lap will be permitted to claim winner.
4. Claim will be car exchange & $300 to the driver getting claimed. The claiming car must be mechanically sound.
5. If using a racing seat and racing belt harness then drivers will be allowed to keep seat. If using a stock seat the seat will go with the car.
6. To claim eligible cars must proceed to infield immediately after the conclusion of the feature race. If eligible car goes into the pit area then they forfeit their claim eligibility for the night.
7. Refusal of claim:
1st Offense - Loss of win, all money, and all points earned for the night.
2nd Offense - Barred from competing in Warrior class for the remainder of season
8. Race rack must approve all claims.
9. Track reserves the right to claim any car for $800 cash.
10. Only two claims per person per season.


1. MANDATORY - Approved Snell-rated SA2000 or SA2005 racing helmet, full fire suit, neck brace, full race type window net and racing gloves.

2. Roll cage - 4-point cage REQUIRED - Minimum 1.5" O.D. tubing min. Wall thickness (095). Loop behind driver. Two horizontal bars min. on passenger side. Two drivers door bars min. 18" x 24" x 1/8" plate in drivers door. 1" x 1" square tube ok for rub rails. Ends must be angled and capped. Roll cage must be above driver's head. No bars through firewall. Roll cage is for driver's protection only. No kicker bars.

3. Fire extinguisher (with gauge) in reach of the driver, mounted for easy removal. Duck tape or zip ties not approved.

4. Fuel cell - In front of rear axle. Highly recommended! If original tank is factory located completely in front of rear axle it can remain in this position. Stock tanks must be removed if behind rear axle. Extra straps on a stock tank recommended. If you are using the original tank with electric pump in tank (external pumps not allowed) it must have a clearly marked shut off in reach of the driver.

5. Stock firewall between engine and driver and driver fuel tank. Just covering tank is not allowed.

6. Protective screen or windshield, with three bars.

7. MANDATORY - Racing seat and belts. 3" 5 point harness with crotch strap. Must be securely fastened to cage. Belts should not be over 3 years old.


1. Any front wheel drive 4 cylinder vehicle as supplied by an American manufacturer or foreign sold in the USA. No sports cars. Wheelbase must remain ΒΌ" from side to side STOCK to year and make only. No vans or pickups. No turbo's or rotary engines. Front wheel drive cars only.

2. All glass, headlamps, tail lamps, and sidelights, must be removed. All interior carpets, headliners, and extra seats must be removed. Steering column may be moved to side. Racing shaft and steering wheel ok.

3. Grilles may be removed and replaced with sheet metal between hood and bumper. Gravel shields and radiator supports may be removed.

4. No outboard shocks or tower shocks (Stock suspension for make, year and body style of car). Springs may not be heated. No lowering blocks. Stock shocks only. No overloading shocks or adjustable shocks.

5. Manufactured bumpers only. A round bar behind rear bumper only. Max 2". No fabricated bumpers. No bars above, below front or rear bumper. No box, channel or angle iron behind bumpers. Wrecker hooks, chains, or cable mandatory!

6. Doors and trunk must be welded, wired, chained or banded shut. No double plating, reinforcing, excessive welding or added braces to frame.

7. D.O.T. approved street tires with 8" maximum tread. No grooving, trimming or cutting allowed. All four tires must be the same size. Minimum air pressure to be 30lbs on all tires. No made for racing tires. NO ALTERATIONS!

8. Wheels optional. 13" or 14" rims may not be mixed for stagger. Maximum 7" steel or aluminum wheels. Race wheels highly recommended. Race wheels may become mandatory if to many wheels come off. Large racing nuts required on right side steel wheels.

9. All interior sheet metal must stay stock. You may only make room for roll bars. Dash must stay in place. Burnable material must be removed (carpet, door panels, headliner etc).

10. No alterations to frame or frame motor mounts. No removing of floor pan. Front clip must remain stock, if damaged beyond repair it must be replaced with stock clip.

11. All cars must be painted with numbers on both doors and on the roof with drivers name. Numbers must be minimum of 16" high with contrasting colors.

12. Damaged sheet metal must be replaced with stock sheet metal

13. All cars must maintain a satisfactory appearance throughout the racing season. No crashed junk.

14. One 5"tall rear spoiler, no shopping cart wings. Side braces not to exceed 6" in length or width of body.

15. 6" wide sun visor mounted at across top of front window for class sponsor.

16. Stock glass and brake pedals must remain no blocks.


1. Maximum of 4 cylinders not to exceed 2500 cc. Make to make. No turbo of rotary.
2. Stock exhaust or stock headers only. Exhaust must exit past drivers seat and must not point down. 100 decibel maximum.
3. Stock intake. No modifications allowed. Stock air box with air filter.
4. Stock distributor to motor advance in distributor may be locked.
5. One Stock 2 - barrel carburetor or stock throttle body. No 4412 carburetor.
6. All parts must remain stock as supplied by manufacturer.
7. No interchanging parts from 6 or 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders.
8. No interchanging parts of one manufacturer to another.
9. Stick or automatic allowed for make of car only.
10. Stock flywheel as supplied by manufacturer only.
11. MANDATORY- Tow hooks front and rear.
12. One battery per car, in approved steel box. Cannot be in drivers compartment.
13. Stock computer to motor and vehicle.

NOTE: Be ready to race both directions on the track. You may be told to go to turn number 3 to go on the track and race clockwise. You may also start racing in one direction and turn around and finish that race in the other direction.