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2014 Rules

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2014 General Rules:

1. Absolutely no drinking of alcoholic beverages or using of any drugs or controlled substances prior to or during any event by anyone entering the pits or racing area. Anyone who is considered, in the opinion of the track officials or safety crew, to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or narcotics will be suspended and asked to leave immediately. Drivers are responsible for their pit crew.

2. All cars that are involved in a caution will be sent to the rear. If you stop on the race track for any reason other than safety, you will be sent to the rear.

3. If you stop on the race track to dispute a call or refuse to get in proper lineup, you will be sent to the pits and disqualified for the rest of the evening.

4. Anyone speeding through the pits, going to someone else’s pit, and causing trouble will be suspended for the remainder of that night and the following week.

5. Anyone who intentionally runs into another racer while under a caution will be disqualified for the remainder of that night and the following week.

6. No smoking around the fuel tank area.

7. All drivers must register. If the registration fee is not paid by your third night of racing at Cherry Raceway, it will be taken out of payoff for that car. No driver is considered registered until the fee is paid.

8. Any driver that has been disqualified or suspended will receive no money and no points for the night.

9. Restarts will be double-file. After the leader, 2nd place will be inside row, 3rd place will be outside row, and so forth all the way to the rear of the field.

10. If you arrive after the lineups are posted on the pit board, you will start at the rear. Lapped cars will restart in the position they were scored at in the last completed lap.

11. No two-way radios in any class.

12. No driver may get out of his car on the track or infield, nor take his helmet off except for safety reasons unless it is approved by the officials or safety crew. If this rule is violated, the driver will be disqualified.

13. Any driver, car owner, pit crew member, or sponsor who takes part in any demonstration or fight on the track, in the pits, or anywhere on the Cherry Raceway premises before, during, or after the races have completed will be suspended for that week and the following week. This includes abuse, assault, or any threat physically hurt any track official or agent serving the track.

14. Points go to drivers. If your car is unable to continue you may change cars. As long as the car you change to is in the same class, put your number clearly visible on both sides of the car, and you will start at the rear.

15. If rain or any other event or circumstance prevents the completion of any race, that race will be considered complete if one half or more of the scheduled laps have been completed.

16. Once the races have started and 4 events/races have been completed, there will be no rain checks.

17. All drivers must be 12 years of age or older unless there has been a special arrangement made with Cherry Raceway and its officials. All drivers under the legal age of 18 must have a minor release form notarized and signed by both custodial parents or a legal guardian on file at the track to compete in any event at Cherry Raceway.

18. A car cannot run in two classes in the same night with the same driver.

19. All decisions and/or rulings made by track officials are final and not negotiable.